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Businesses today call for an extensive, well sort out and thoroughly managed IT Infrastructure to reduce costs, fasten growth, ensure scalability and mitigate risks. AMR helps its clients in proactive management, hassle free performance, and facilitation of service based capacity planning across networks. The flexible nature of our network management allows uninterrupted access to network at all points of time.

Icon Computer Service enables customers to enjoy maximum uptime for critical network along with optimum utilization of the network resources. Under NMS, we examine and notify the network functionality and availability of devices such as firewalls, routers, switches and security gateways. We manage network resource utilization of applications, devices and groups, Interface utilization, errors and number of connections for network devices.

Also, close check on network thresholds and usage, proactive scrutiny on network degradation, and notifying alerts prior to any damage, are few of the salient features of our network management. Apart from these, AMR also delivers services in device management, configuration management, fault management & load management.


  • Designing & Implementation of LAN (Structured/ Semi-Structured/ Normal) and WAN needs to suit every requirement like UTP, Cat5, Cat6 / Fiber Optic cabling.
  • Network Auditing involves assessment of current setup & suggestion for optimum utilization of network resources.
  • Site planning using operation research techniques & scheduling cable lying.
  • Network Management.
  • Network Security Planning & Implementation.
  • Structured Cabling Solution.
  • Network Designing (New Technologies, Networking Equipment Expansions, Network Integrations)
  • Network Upgrades
  • Network Testing with Report.
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